Newt Gingrich to Campaign Near San Francisco: Lock Up Your Wives

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Newt's personal fantasy isn't much different than ours in San Francisco
After Newt Gingrich trashed-talked the Bay Area, specifically San Francisco, we gave the  polyamorous Republican five really good reasons that he might fancy our fair city, despite the fact we are open to all things good.

Of course, we didn't think he would take that as an actual invite, but alas, here Gingrich comes.

Okay, so the mashed-potato snowman won't actually be stepping foot in our "fantasy land" as far as we know, but he will be close enough to give us the chills -- 20 miles down south in Burlingame where the average male resident also proudly dons a toupee.

According to his campaign, the presidential hopeful will be traveling here at the end of the month where he will make a cameo at the California Republican Convention, followed by a possible fundraiser.

Here's what we have to say about that: If Newt thinks he's going to shame the Bay Area and then shake us down for money, he's the one living in a fantasy land!

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Tim Harrington
Tim Harrington

Now that's just uncalled for. Everyone knows Newt only brings shame and betrayal into his OWN marriages.


Um, have you ever been to Burlingame? The dot com people took it over long ago. 

Erin Sherbert
Erin Sherbert

Um, yes. I lived there. An Apple store on Burlingame Avenue doesn't count


I was referring to all the people who bought all the houses in my old neighborhood down there, actually!

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