Local Moms Want Schools to Cut Hair, Not Budgets

That hair alone could close San Francisco's public school budget gap
Leonard Flynn School is no different than every other education facility in the city --- it has no money! Thanks to ongoing budget cuts, local parents have been shouldering much of the cost for the fun part of the kid's education, like art and music.

In the latest endeavor to help out San Francisco schools, local moms with some hair-styling experience are asking you to get a haircut to help offset budget cuts.

But don't worry, they can guarantee you won't be getting a Newt Gingrich helmet hairdo. These moms work as hair stylists in the chicest salons in the San Francisco, and they are volunteering to cut your hair at the second annual Flynn Cut-a-Thon this weekend.

As Teresa Mockler, owner of Zindagi Salon and mother of two at Flynn School, bluntly put it: "We have to come up with creative ways to raise money."

Because San Francisco Unified School District isn't going to.

Zindagi Salon will host the second annual haircut frenzy this weekend, where all proceeds are donated to Flynn School's PTA (haircuts by high-end salon stylists are as low as $30). 

Last year, the Flynn Cut-a-Thon raised some $5,000, all of which went to PTA coffers. The moms are hoping for another good hair day again this year, and tell us that donations will finance a field trip to the science museum.

"Our kids don't get these classes anymore, unless the parents raise money for it," said Amy Armas, mother of two Flynn students and stylist at Ginger Rubio salon.

The cut-a-thon will start at 9 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 26, at  Zindagi Salon, 55 Grant Ave. To schedule appointments, contact Amy Armas at amydevlinarmas@gmail.com or 609-9091.

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