Plot Thickens for Kenneth Kyle, San Francisco Professor Accused of Sex Crimes Involving Infant

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Kenneth Kyle
We've reported here in the past on the disturbing charges federal prosecutors have lodged against Kenneth Kyle, the San Francisco man alleged to have used the Internet to arrange a sexual encounter with a 13-month-old girl from Missouri. Now our sister paper, the Riverfront Times of St. Louis, reports that additional bizarre details have come to light in the case.

Kyle, who at the time was 46, was alleged to have made contact online with 20-year-old Tessa Vanvlerah of Ballwin, Mo. According to charges filed by prosecutors, the pair arranged a sexual rendez-vous between Kyle and Vanvlerah's infant daughter. Kyle was also arrested on child-pornography charges in San Francisco in 2010. Earlier this month, Vanvlerah pleaded guilty to statutory rape, statutory sodomy, and incest related to the case.

If you thought the accusations against Vanvlerah and Kyle weren't bad enough, the story now has another sickening twist. The RFT reports:

It's now been reported that in 2008 a St. Louis woman successfully received a restraining order against Vanvlerah, on claims that Vanvlerah seduced and had sex with the woman's 16-year-old autistic son. Vanvlerah then allegedly bragged online that she'd gotten pregnant from the affair.

Could it be, then, that her two-year-old daughter is the product of her molestation of the 16-year-old in 2008? The timing works out, as a child born in 2009 would be celebrating her third birthday in 2012.
In 2010, Kyle was employed as professor of public affairs and administration at California State University, East Bay. According to his faculty bio at the time, his "teaching and research interests revolve around the application of critical theories such as Critical Literary Theory, Feminism(s), Frankfurt School Critical Theory, Marxism, etc., to specific social problems and public policies."

Kyle's name has been removed from the list of professors in the school's Department of Public Affairs and Administration, and calls to department officials about whether he is still employed there were not returned.

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All the articles about the woman report the child was 5 months old when this raping was taking place...the woman appears an imbecile, but a PROFESSOR??? Surely an educated man should know better!  He had NO regard for this childs life!  I hope he gets what he deserves, a slow punishement! The child is in foster care and hopefully will have a good life, if the cards are not stacked against her.  She is now 3 years old.

Angelslala 1 Like

Sick a** bastard I hope they rape him in prison the same way he did to that poor defenceless baby

Pablo Collins
Pablo Collins

Critical Literary Theory, Feminism(s), Frankfurt School Critical Theory, Marxism.'Nuff said.


Now we have to pay to feed n house him? There should be a better alternative. As the saying goes "they're not all locked up". 

Adam Moreira
Adam Moreira

At least he will never see the light of day again---a 37.5 year sentence is a virtual life sentence.


II can't believe people like this , they are both so sick and twisted .. I hope they rot in there cells


Still employed there?  He's in prison and has been since March 2010.  How could he still be employed by the university?  

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