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Had 'em and lost 'em
The Golden State Warriors' transcendent moments have resonated so strongly because the team's status quo is unmitigated failure. Failure has built up atop failure, creating a rich loam with which to grow more failure.

The franchise that traded Robert Parrish and the draft pick that became Kevin McHale to the Celtics has a long and sorry tradition of watching its castoffs blossom into greatness. Former Palo Alto and Harvard star Jeremy Lin is looking like he could be the latest Warrior to find success elsewhere. After a yearlong sentence on the Warriors' bench -- where his presence was largely regarded as a marketing ploy -- the Chinese American point guard was cut during the preseason. Houston cut him as well, and the New York Knicks later sent him to the Developmental League. But now he's the hottest player in the league.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time:

1984 -- The Warriors trade off Bernard King -- who, if not for a knee injury, would have been one of the world's elite players -- to the Knicks. The player Golden State received in return, Michael Ray Richardson, lasted just 33 games before being unloaded to New Jersey.

1989 -- John Starks is best remembered for his 2-for-18 shooting night in Game 7 of the 1994 Finals (also with the Knicks!). But look at his career statistics -- they're solid. Golden State gave up on him after his rookie year.

1991 -- It's kind of hard to believe Mitch Richmond spent only three seasons with the Warriors, isn't it?

1992 -- Mario Elie was a key player on several NBA championship squads -- but he only lasted parts of two seasons with Golden State.

1994 -- Don't get us started on Chris Webber, please.

1996 -- The W's traded Tim Hardaway to Miami to appease Latrell Sprewell -- they had to get rid of one or the other. This went poorly.

2003 -- Remember when Gil Arenas was on the Warriors -- and sane? Neither lasted long.

2003 -- Okay, losing Bobby Sura wasn't the biggest tragedy. But I did see him at the Safeway once in Oakland with his mom. And they had the same haircut.

-- Giving Anthony Morrow away may yet bite the team in the ass.

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How about the players that the warriors drafted ahead of other players?

Joe smith ahead of Kevin Garnett Adonal Foyle ahead of Tracy mcgrady

And the all time best....

Todd Fuller ahead of Kobe Bryant. But hey at least Fuller had a solid GPA in college. Yeah unbelievable, the 1996 draft was the most talented drafts, yet the warriors pick the worst player.


Failure built atop failure....


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