SoMa Structure Turning Orange

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Just like that...
Any San Franciscan knows that the official name of the Golden Gate Bridge's distinctive hue is "international orange.

On a massive, gently arching bridge, orange is a reassuring and lovely color. Transplanted to other objects, however, it harks to traffic cones, artificial cheese, prison jumpsuits, and tenement halls.

And then there's this.

An orange building in SOMA would get your attention. And that's what the California Historical Society is betting on. They're painting their edifice at 678 Mission the orange of traffic cones/artificial cheese/jumpsuits/tenements in time for a Feb. 26 exhibition marking the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Wait, maybe it's international orange. Yeah, let's go with that.

Folks we've talked to at the Historical Society said they haven't had too much trouble from the city with their plans to paint their building in Oompa-Loompa colors.

That's a pleasant surprise. An international orange building should bring a lot of attention to the forthcoming Golden Gate Bridge exhibit. Sadly, it comes seven years too late to drum up visitors for the California Historical Society's big show on oranges.

Update, 2:15 p.m.: SF Weekly is told that the orange paint job is for the long haul, and will outlast the Golden Gate Bridge exhibit. And it should: Not only is this orange paint, but it's the very same orange paint used on the Golden Gate Bridge and provided by Sherwin-Williams.

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