Gavin Newsom Admits He Doesn't Have Much to Do

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Those were the days
Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom finally found something meaningful to bestow on the office of Lieutenant Governor: advocating for the position to be eliminated.

That's right, the former San Francisco mayor who famously asked "What does the lieutenant governor do?" is lobbying that that his own highly paid position be axed. In a editorial board meeting with the Chron, the former San Francisco mayor admitted that he doesn't have too much going on up there in Sacramento, meaning his position is rather ineffective. So he is suggesting this: The state's top two positions -- governor and lieutenant governor -- should run as a ticket. If anything, it would empower the position of lite gov, Newsom bluntly stated.

"We're at each other's throats, nothing gets done.... It's just trivial stuff," Newsom told the Chron.
"If they run together, then they have a team,'' he continued. "Otherwise, get rid of the position."

As we previously noted, Newsom has been very busy, but not running the ceremonial office of Lieutenant Governor. In fact, the job is apparently so breezy that he has found enough time to get involved in PlumpJack wine business again on top of raising two young kids.

We asked this question then, and we will ask it now: Why are we paying him a six-figure salary?

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he's a bratty spoiled boy who got his treat and now realizes he screwed up. he screwed over the City and left nothing but empty promises and half-baked policies in his wake. no tears for this guy - time for him to do the right thing, quit, and go back to selling wine to folks and just be quiet. he's useless.


There's a reason why newscum.  There's a reason why.  Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?  Yes?  Like a delicate flower, one does not leave it in the sun but in the shade.  Like a petulant child, one neither wishes to have seen or be heard. Like building a home, one does not use straw that will bend and bow to build but rather use oak or other sturdier wood to do so.  There's a reason newscum and the reason is you.

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