Former San Jose Cop Gets Job Back After Helping Police Catch Bank Robbers

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Michael Nasser shows the SJPD how to do their jobs
Former cop Michael Nasser got a big reward for helping San Jose police lock up three alleged bank robbers this week: His old job back.

Nasser, who worked as a San Jose police officer for 11 years, had been laid off last year due to budget cuts. But on Tuesday, the department learned just how valuable Nasser is. According to new reports, the former cop was pulling into a Wells Fargo along Bernal Road and Santa Teresa Boulevard to make a phone call when he noticed three guys in hoods and masks going into the bank.

You don't need to be a cop to consider that suspicious. However, the rest of the story just shows how good Nasser's police instincts are.

According to media reports, Nasser knew there was a bank robbery happening, so he waited outside in his car until the robbers came out. He saw the three men run two blocks to a Golds Gym parking lot, where they got into an SUV. 

Nasser said he called the license plate into 911.

"At one quick second I thought about hitting them with my car in the parking lot, but didn't think it was a good idea," Nasser told reporters.

Turns out he didn't need to. Within an hour, police arrested Jose Lemus, 20; Jonathan Garcia, 23; and Bryan Chavez, 20, on suspicion of bank robbery. Police also believe the trio is also responsible for robbing a Union Bank in San Jose on Monday.

The San Jose Police Department called Nasser and by Thursday, he was wearing his old badge again.

He's stoked to get that first paycheck.

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Excellent!  Some people are just born for their job.  And he'll appreciate his even more now and not take it for granted.

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