New Bill Treats Food Trucks Like Child Molesters

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Street food is healthier than cafeteria food
San Francisco was put in a really difficult position when the state came up with this law barring registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools, parks, or anywhere else children might congregate. That doesn't give that population many housing options in a 49-square-mile city. Similarly, the city's mobile food vendors could find themselves without a safe place to stop if a proposed bill preventing prevent food trucks statewide from parking within 1,500 feet of any school.

In short, state lawmakers don't want school kids to have easy access to child molesters or street food (because cafeteria food is sooo much better?).

As our sister blog SFoodie points out, San Francisco's 49 square miles make it particularly difficult to enforce such restrictions without putting the fledgling industry out of business. And while Supervisor Scott Wiener might not want to see your wiener in public, that's not to say he wouldn't like to snack on a (hot dog) wiener from a local food truck. That's why the Castro District rep is planning to fight this legislation, which he bluntly stated is "terrible."
"It looks like [expanding the limit to] a few hundred feet from all schools would knock out the bulk of the city from having access to food trucks," Wiener said.

Read the full story at SFoodie.

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The only restrictions of food trucks if they block road traffic, foot traffic, and cause excess garbage.


Excellent headline (seemingly argumentative, but not), excellent point.


How about a law that says no churches within 1,500 feet of a school?  You want to protect the children, that will do a hell of a lot more good than this.

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