Donald Tosti, Marin Psychologist, Sent to Prison for Posession of "Very Graphic" Child Porn

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Mr. Tosti will need his own psychologist
A San Rafael psychologist has been sent to prison for eight years after he was busted having child porn on his computer, which included disturbing depictions of rape scenes with very young children.

Donald Tosti, 76, was convicted in San Francisco in September 2011, after he took his computer to CompUsa for repair. Employees quickly discovered that it wasn't a computer problem he had. They discovered the child porn images and turned him over to authorities.

Further investigation revealed that Tosti, also the Founder of Independent Learning Schools, had an extensive collection of child porn with "graphic and extreme" images, according to federal prosecutors.

He was sentenced to prison on Feb. 2, and ordered to pay $50,000 in restitution for possessing child pornography. That money will go toward the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

He will begin serving his sentence in April.

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You spelled "possession" incorrectly.  


 Maybe they are not in "posession" of a spell checker.

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