Panty Party on Powell Street

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Bring your grandma, too!
There's something kind of ironic (and idiotic) about stripping down so you can get free clothes.

But all around the globe, people are doing just that. The first 100 participants who line up outside of Desigual on Powell Street on Friday morning with nothing on but their lingerie will get to shop for free funky Spanish outfits.

Sure it will be damn cold to wait outside all night for the store to open, but if San Francisco's nudists can bear the Bay Area chill, then you can do it for a free outfit!

But because we don't have the, ahem, ability to brave a cold night on the sidewalk in San Francisco, we found a way to cheat (sorta).

Desigual says people can submit Instagram photos of their favorite outfits from the store, and the users with the three most-liked photos will win a spot to shop when Desigual opens its doors to people in panties come Friday morning. Don't forget to add the competition's hashtag to your submitted photos.

So put on your intimates --  thongs, boxer shorts, loinclothes, skivvies, whatever it is you wear -- and come party with your pants off, because let's face it, that's what this is really about.

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Love it!


Um. SF is colder than Madrid?


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