Cocaine Seized from Cruise Ship at Pier 35

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Federal agents announced today that they seized 13 kilograms, or close to 29 pounds, of cocaine from a cruise ship docked in San Francisco last month.

According to a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a joint operation among federal agencies and local law-enforcement led to two separate discoveries of a large amount of coke on a cruise liner at Pier 35 on Jan. 25. The ship had arrived from Curaçao, according to CBP.

CBP spokesman Edward Low said the name of the cruise ship would not be released, per standard agency practice. However, according to the cruise-ship berthing schedule of the Port of San Francisco, the ship docked at Pier 35 on Jan. 25 -- out of Curaçao and destined for Honolulu -- was the Aurora, run by the British cruise line Carnival. Low said the search of the ship was a routine inspection similar to those conducted on all vessels that arrive in San Francisco from foreign countries.

Federal agents discovered 7 kg of cocaine in the cabin of Ahmed Rachid, an Australian national, according to CBP. An additional 5 kg were discovered in the cabin of New Zealand citizens Tony Wilkinson and Kirstie Harris. All three were arrested.

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Legalize all drugs plants it is one gift from Gud

Reginald Stonebody
Reginald Stonebody

Oh man, that shipment was scheduled to go directly to turk & taylor. The entire tenderloin is seriously freaking out right now.


Shame on them for using these people to take the rap you aholes

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