Cruel Men Stomp Yorkshire Terrier to Death

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Not the actual dog killed
We've told you more stories than we've liked to about animal cruelty and abuse as of late, and much to our dismay, here's one more that's especially difficult to stomach.

According to news outlets, police are looking for a group of men who stomped to death a 4-pound Yorkshire terrier that was trying to protect his owner during an attack in San Jose this weekend.

Here's what happened: The dog's owner, a 32-year-old man, said he was walking his pup, Shadow, at Winchester Boulevard and Colonial Way at about 2 p.m. on Saturday when three men approached him and asked if he was a gang member. The owner told the men he was not, but the men attacked him anyway.

The owner tried to run off with his dog in tow, but tripped and fell. That's when the men started kicking him, and Shadow started barking. When the men ran off, the owner looked over at his pup and saw "a big puddle of blood."

Shadow died on the way to the vet from head trauma, consistent with being kicked and stomped.

"He wasn't making too many noises, but I could see his eyes and that's when I broke down," he said. "They were still blinking a little bit, but so much blood was leaking out of him. I knew the moment he died in my arms. I heard him take his last breath and just kept thinking, 'There's no way this is happening.'"

The cops need your help in finding the monsters who did this. Anyone with information should call San Jose police at (408) 277-891 immediately.

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The murder of a dog should be punished with the same severity as that of a man. Lock him up to life in prison or better so find some thugs who can beat him to death like the poor puppy had to experience. Men like that have no right to live with caring, loving people - they are scum!



I'd like to stomp their heads! 


It is a sad story, but what you are describing is called an assault, not animal cruelty in the usual situation where an owner of animal decides to abuse or neglect the animal. 

In this case, some violent individuals assaulted an innocent bystander and his dog simply got in the way of their fury.  Sadly, we live in a world where we do relatively little to prevent violence, and then when violence happens we get the same tired lament about "how can people be so cruel?"  Well, they can be because we tolerate the conditions which encourage people to behave violently, and we fail to properly hold people accountable for minor acts of aggression until their behavior finally escalates into serious violence.

Stef A.
Stef A.

I read this story last night and it absolutely broke my heart. I cannot understand how people can be so evil and cruel. I really hope the people who did this are found and will be held accountable for their actions. My thoughts are with the dog's owner .. so sad. 

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