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One of the few movies to depict cats' true character
It is no secret that cats are a nefarious species of mammal. Dirtier than the pig and more vicious than the wolverine, felis silvestris catus must be applauded for using its estimable wiles to colonize the homes of its comparatively guileless cohabitant, homo sapiens.

The debate over whether love of cats is a matter of taste or a clinical psychological infirmity is still open, but in the meantime it is safe to say that human beings could use some help in relating to this aloof and emotionally draining animal.

On this front, San Franciscans are in luck: Jackson Galaxy, the renowned cat behaviorist who stars in Discovery Channel's My Cat from Hell, is coming to town.

On Saturday, Feb. 11, Galaxy will deliver a "Cat Mojo Workshop" at San Francisco's SPCA. What can cat owners expect to learn?

According to a press release, "Armed with 15 years of experience, a proven training program and his signature guitar case filled with cat toys, Galaxy is on a mission to help cat owners find the source of conflict with their furry friends."

Go if you must. But remember, cat loyalists: This Valentine's Day might be a good time to assess whether your affections are misplaced.

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C.C. Powell
C.C. Powell

Jackson's got the weirdness factor that makes for TV shows, but there's no question there are more experienced cat behaviorists.  The most obvious example is Mieshelle Nagelschneider, of The Cat Behavior Clinic (http://www.thecatbehaviorclini...).  I have watched the field for years, and have personal knowledge of many of the players, and my money would be on Mieshelle.

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