Burning Man: What If They Run Out of Tickets?

Categories: Humor
Curious Josh
Burning Man's first-ever ticket lottery has had far more requests for tickets than the 40,000 that have been made available.  What does this mean?

  • The Internet will be very, very, angry

  • No one will ever get to go to Burning Man again

  • This empirical evidence that some people may not win a lottery is likely to shake the scientific world
  • Princess Glitter Sparkle is bummed

  • So many people want to go to Burning Man that it has clearly failed as a social movement

  • For the next eight months, everybody who knows anybody who works for Burning Man will be bombarded with requests to hook them up

  • One of four bacon-themed camps may not make it out this year

  • Lotteries have, once again, failed to make the world a better place

  • By July there will be a tidal wave of surplus tickets as people decide not to go ... just like every year

  • Burners are no better at handling scarcity than anybody else
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