Neighbors Try to Resolve Parking Wars with Really Passive-Agressive Notes

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Get in where you fit in
For all its greatness, San Francisco certainly brings out the absolute worst in us when it comes to parking. A late Muni train will make you cranky, but a stolen parking spot? Well, that can make the meekest lady go bat-shit crazy.

Which is why when we read of this recent parking fracas in Bernal Heights, we weren't really surprised. Entertained, yes, but not at all shocked that two neighbors were sending each other scathing missives about parking spots.

Here's a closeup of a written point-counterpoint between the dueling neighbors, which was posted to a telephone along Folsom Street near Ripley:
Courtesy of the badass
Welcome to the neighborhood

To better understand what this parking tension was about, neighborhood blogger Todd Lappin asked nearby residents to enlighten him.

Per the neighbor Lappin talked to:

This section of Folsom is not street cleaned, and people can park here for days legally, sometimes weeks illegally, without having to move their cars. There are a handful of work trucks, second cars for folks, that live on this block.

I think this "parking war" is a misunderstanding and a waste of time. We need signage, street sweeping and no dumping to make this problem go away. Not sarcastic notes.
It seems this particular neighborhood conflict is shaping up to be even more ominous than those creepy Pentagrams someone mysterious painted on Bernal Hill.

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Which should institute either a cap or a prohibitive tax on single dwelling homes/families with more than 2 or 3 cars.  There are families with 3-5 members with more than 5 cars and their garage is largely a storage area so they end up parking and intrude upon their neighbors.  Since the city is need of tax revenues, city streets are in need of maintenance and muni is constantly teetering on bankruptcy, we should put in place a progressive tax that would deter such behavior by instituting a yearly tax on households having more than 2 cars, say a $1000 a year registration fee for the 3rd car and $2000 for the 4th.


Careful about what you wish for, because if you get what you think you want, then you too must only park in 'your designated spot' whether it's convenient or not.

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