Why The Bay Citizen Can't Hack It Alone Anymore

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The Bay Citizen was funded with a $5 million gift from Warren Hellman to be an independent news organization in the Bay Area. But after two years in operation, it's being taken over by the Center for Investigative Reporting.

How did this happen?

  • It turns out there actually wasn't so much uncovered news

  • They got too close to the Truth

  • Only journalists and politicians read the news anymore
  • You can't build a decent website for only $5 million. The technology isn't there.

  • This is basically what happens to every organization that partners with the New York Times

  • They didn't optimize their b2b synergy with cross-promotional communication streams that micro-target key demographics socially, a consultant said

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Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard

I appreciate the short length here, because it minimized the time I spent consuming this bullshit piece. 

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