Apple CEO, Tim Cook, Defends Company's Working Conditions

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Humane working conditions across seas ... now that's innovative
Last week, we told readers about the massive protest of Apple products, with hundreds of thousands of consumers turning in petitions to retail shops, including downtown San Francisco, amid reports over inhumane working conditions at Apple's suppliers.

But today Apple CEO Tim Cook tried his best to diffuse those reports, telling reporters his company is "the best" at keeping its suppliers in line.

Here's exactly what Cook said:

"I would tell you that no one in our industry is doing more to improve working conditions than Apple. We are constantly audition facilities, going deep into the supply chain, looking for problems, finding problems, and fixing problems. And we report everything, because we believe that transparency is so very important in this area."

What more can he really say, given the facts revealed by a recent New York Times report criticizing Apple supplier Foxconn for its "appalling" working conditions in factories overseas, including death from explosions and maiming.

After that news broke, Apple-lovers across the nation felt betrayed by the company they considered forward-thinking and progressive -- on all fronts. Feeling let down by Apple, more than 200,000 people signed petitions calling for the company to make changes -- now.

And they are, according to Cook. So for those of you who are still contemplating boycotting Apple's products, Cook is vowing to prove the company is cleaning up its act, starting with releasing monthly reports on working conditions. "We know that people have a very high expectation of Apple. We have an even higher expectation of ourselves. Our customers expect us to lead and we will continue to do so."

We'll see about that.

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Dear Apple, We love you, but It is time to bring those jobs back home and show respect for your consumers who only want to purchase products made in the USA. 

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

So would you pay double for your beloved Apple product if it was made with proven humane working conditions?

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