Really Mean Woman Tosses Pup Out Third-Story Window

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Not an actual photo of the dog
Two things you should never throw out your window: Babies and animals.

But alas, a Tiburon woman embraced her cruel side when she allegedly tossed an adorable Jack Russell terrier out her third-story window in the Mission District, police say.

Police told reporters that a witness saw Danielle Walker, 22, throw the pup from a window on the 100 block of Albion Street at just before 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. The dog's owner went outside to help his pup, and as you can imagine, an argument ensued between the dog owner and the dog hater.

As the two continued arguing, police and an Animal Care & Control officer arrived at the scene. A neighbor pointed to Walker, blaming her for the incident, police said.

Walker was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty. Meanwhile, the pup is recovering at the vet, where he is being evaluated for possible internal injuries and possible broken limbs.

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Angela Parmelee
Angela Parmelee

This casual cruelty of a Jack Russell Terrier is shocking ! I look forward  in hope that Danielle Walker serve time as an example to others who think animals are of so little consequence.

★ Nobodys ★  Perfect ★
★ Nobodys ★ Perfect ★

What is wrong with these people? No empathy for animals apparently. They should have to serve their sentence in a humane shelter under close supervison for a while.

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Let's hope this coward gets "possible internal injuries and possible broken limbs" behind bars. There is not much worse than an animal abuser.

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