Woman Fights Off Kidnappers in SOMA District

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SF woman kicks ass
A 26-year-old woman managed to fend off two men who forced her into car as she walked through the SOMA neighborhood Friday afternoon.

According to police, the men pulled up to the corner of 8th and Minna streets; one of the men got out of the vehicle and asked the woman for directions. Before she could respond, he forced her into the car and the two men drove away.

The brave woman fought with her kidnappers, and subsequently the car crashed. She jumped out, ran off, and called police, who quickly spotted the vehicle. The suspects gunned it, with police chasing after them, Sgt. Daryl Fong told SF Weekly.

Officers pursued the suspects, who hit two more cars, a man in a wheelchair, and nearly hit another cop, Fong said. The man in the wheelchair suffered minor injuries.

The chase continued through several police districts, but ended when the suspects crashed into a parked car on Peru Avenue and Naples Street in the Ingleside District. The two suspects were arrested and booked into San Francisco County Jail.

Fong would not release the names of the suspects. He would only say they are both Hispanic men in their late 20s.

A preliminary investigation concluded the woman was not hurt.

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YES, Women Can!   When faced with an unacceptable circumstance, it is infinitely better to fight, scream, vomit, and go for their eyes.

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