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Over the past month, photographs of departed San Francisco macher Warren Hellman have been fairly ubiquitous.

The financier and philanthropist's sartorial sense had been described as "Financial District Hobo" -- and then there's this. But the photo illustrating this story has prompted some people to ask "where can I get that shirt?"

Well, the person to ask is Rabbi Yosef Langer. Along with artist Stanley Mouse, he designed the "Grateful Yid" shirt Hellman is wearing here. Enough people have hit Langer up about the item that he's in the process of setting up a website to hawk it.

Those who can't wait for that development, however, are invited to e-mail the longtime director of Chabad of S.F. -- which you can do here.

It'll take an extraordinary person to fill Hellman's shoes, notes the rabbi. But anyone can wear his shirt.

Grateful Yid.jpg

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