Vice President Joe Biden Discovers the 49ers in San Francisco Yesterday

A rare moment: Biden puts food, not a foot, in his mouth
There's nothing we enjoy more than a good gaffe from high-profile politicians. But the foot-in-the-mouth moment Vice President Joe Biden had yesterday in San Francisco was so unfortunate it made Rick Perry's brain farts a little more forgivable.

Yesterday, San Francisco welcomed Biden with open arms until he made the tragic mistake of declaring "The Giants are going all the way!" while campaigning for President Obama at an event in the city's Financial District.

As you can imagine, the cheering quickly turned into jeering.

He continued: "The Giants are on their way to the Super Bowl."

And the booing got louder.

It was then that the vice president, who is notorious for his gaffes, realized he mixed up the city's baseball team with its football team, which is especially bad timing considering the San Francisco 49ers will play the New York Giants this Sunday in the championship game.

Biden quickly apologized, confessing he was thinking of the San Francisco Giants baseball team, and clarified that he meant to say the "49ers" will go all the way.

At least he knows the voting age.

On another note, here's one of our personal favorite Biden blunders:

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He could have departed at an hour which would not have caused 100s of delays for passengers at SFO/oak airports--- especially since he is on a private jet!!!!

Perhaps our leadership could take a moment to consider someone besides themselves.. Some of us are trying to maintain a work schedule tooo---- i'm sure I arose much earlier and took public transportation to SFO to be delayed because my VP could not get up in time to depart SFO before he impacted the commercial flights!!!!

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