Trent Arsenault, Bay Area Man Flooded with Sperm Requests, in New York for Media Blitz

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Is network TV ready for this?
The national news just can't get enough of the Bay Area's one man sperm-donor, Trent Arsenault. The 36-year-old, who claims to have fathered 14 offspring with his super-potent sperm he ejaculates during porn movies (yes, they are available online), told SF Weekly that he flew out of Oakland at 4 a.m. Wednesday to tell his story to curious New Yorkers.

First stop in the 36-hour media blitzkrieg is 20/20, for a piece that the show has been working on for months, with co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas having flown out previously to the Bay Area to conduct interviews. Then, Arsenault says, he'll be on a network tour, filming segments with Anderson Cooper 360, Good Morning America, Today, and Nightline.

Arsenault recently entered the news cycle after the FDA sent him cease and desist letters ordering him to stop offering his seed for free on his website, TrentDonor. Arsenault has fought back, saying that he has a personal relationship with all the families he impregnates.

Of course, this isn't your everyday charity story, which is why it has drawn so much attention from the national media. Arsenault says that since his FDA controversy made local headlines, he's gotten "dozens" of inquiries about his sperm -- from as far away as Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Italy, and Ireland. Arsenault says he's been turning these international requests down since he only offers up his sperm to Bay Area families. He has continued to sign new contracts with local couples seeking his semen, despite the FDA's requests.

While Arsenault is unabashed about his service, he says he never wanted the media to find out about his porn videos. As Arsenault tells us, "Some people would call them porn videos; I call it documenting the process of being a donorsexual."

You can be the judge and view his NSFW show here. In our opinion, he's no Dirk Diggler

He says some couples are seriously asking for the footage of him secreting the semen that made their baby -- and not surprisingly, he's happy to oblige. 

"The government is trying to say donor-sexuality is not intimacy. After millions and millions of people have viewed them and they've gone viral on a mainstream sex site, it reinforces the fact that people see some sexuality in being a sperm donor," he says.
With Arsenault's story about to hit the mainstream news, we can only say, America, prepare to be weirded out.

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I wonder how he'll be "performing" when he's in his 40s, 50s and beyond.  


There were Internet babies in the late 90's already.  Other sites to find a private donor include the FSDR (now the KnownDonorRegistry), and its predecessor the freespermdonors Yahoo group.  These are free sites, unlike many of the other large sites.


Trent is registered with FSDW - anyone not able to use his services can find thousands of others registered to do the same thing (minus the porn videos) Free, AI (no sex) sperm donations. What he is doing is nothing new- FSDW was created in 2003 and has helped create over 2700 babies. Why? So that children know of their origins. Most cases arent like this one- most FSDW donors donate very quietly and to only one or two couples. But it is about relationships. This isnt a great example- but its nothing new. Infact the first 'internet' baby was reported in 2005 or so- a baby created when a man donated through AI for free  to an infertile married couple who had been trying for over 7 years to get pregnant.  6 weeks later baby Mia was conceived. Google 'Mia first interenet baby' to read the article. Consenting adults should be able to do what they want. But Trent really needs to put a limit on how many he helps in this one US state and area.


Why is anybody giving this spooge bucket the time of day?

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