The Examiner's Crime Reporters Get a Mary-Kate & Ashley Makeover

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Crime fighters and BFFs!
​Here at SF Weekly, there's nothing we love as much as The Examiner's Law & Disorder crime-roundup page, where thugs, goons, punks, and broads batter the hell out of each other in headlines so lurid and purple they seemed to have been dictated by crotchety hobos.

Or make that where thugs et al. used to batter each other. Since the paper's recent change in ownership, Law & Disorder has become more housebroken each day. The headlines involve "suspect"s. Once in a while there's an "allegedly." And now, today, Law & Disorder reporters Mike Aldax and Rob Nagle are posed back-to-back in the classic mystery-solving stance of child detectives everywhere.

Or of Mary-Kate and Ashley.


Newspapers have to be bold to succeed these days, so we suggest The Examiner doll its crime-fighting duo up in some of these classic Olsen outfits:



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The Examiner is a shell of what it was and ought to be renamed to avoid further staining its legacy.  For Randy Shilts sake alone.


 I applaud ThatSoniaShow. It takes a brave person to be a defender of the examiner. As for the Olsen twins, they are true artists and their entire oeuvre of will studied for generations. Unlike the examiner which floats to a merciful and unread death in the streets of our beloved city.  Okay, I do use it to start fires in my on non-spare the air days.


I wasn't defending the Examiner. I was just making a silly joke about the Olsen Twins, which you've obviously taken too seriously.


I applaud the author of this post. It's really brave to come out as an Olsen Twins fan like he did here. Bravo!

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