Occupy Movement Losing Support in San Francisco

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Kate Conger
What's not to like?
The Occupy Movement is still making headlines, four months after it took root in New York City. But it's only front-page news because of the damage it's been causing, not because of its success. Perhaps that explains the latest sentiment among San Francisco residents who were once on board with Occupy, but are now opposed the anti-big bank movement.

According to a SurveyUSA poll -- which sampled 500 residents in San Francisco -- 32 percent of those who initially supported the Occupy Movement have decided that they don't like what Occupy is doing. What's more, 71 percent say they do not support the movement taking over vacant buildings, like protesters tried to do in Oakland over the weekend, which ended in a violent scene and more than 400 arrests.

Protesters won't be happy to read this: About 33 percent of those surveyed said they didn't think police were being harsh enough, while 28 percent said they were too harsh. About 35 percent said police were handling the protesters just about right.

"People are getting tired of it. It's gone from bad to worse," said David Latterman, a local political consultant. "By and large San Francisco's Occupy went pretty well, meaning it was nonviolent and it wasn't ugly, but when people look across the Bay, they see it's a mess over there."

Like most people in the community, Latterman points the finger at Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, saying her poor judgment and utter mismanagement of Occupy Oakland has hurt the national movement.

Initially, most people bought into the tenets of Occupy -- financial equality -- but now their feelings have been soured by what they are seeing on the news, which is violence in downtown Oakland, anarchists breaking things, and a mayor who has only been successful at "dropping the ball."

"Jean Quan will be most responsible for hurting Occupy across America," Latterman told SF Weekly. "Oakland has done more than any city in America to hurt the Occupy brand."

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Franco Albanese
Franco Albanese

Lol hey latterman it's not just a mess in the bay.It's a mess in the entire country and the world  and occupy and other such movements are taking the responsibility to at least attempt to stand up and fix what older folks like you killed for my generation and my future generations..Freedom.Protesters keep protesting.don't let the "odds" change anything.means we are still waking the masses.

Proud Aryan
Proud Aryan

These loosers are being paid by SOROS and SEIU and Bar'aq al Hussain Obumgo and its not surprising that these loosers are on drugs. We got to get that coon MUSLIM COMMUNIST SOCIALIST Obummer out of office and get someone smarter like Sarah Palin so she can fix things like she fixed alaska (yes she is smarter, Harvard isnt really that good of school anyway and he only got in because he's black, true story). I'm so sick and tired of this MUSLIM pResident not taking any action and ruining our reputation by cowtowing to these TERRORISTS in PAKISTAN. Maybe if we talk to our congressmen they will find a way to show his REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE from KENYA (the one he submitted is a FAKE, true story). We need to have this tea party movement grow so that we can go back to the principles of our founding fathers. Allow slavery and segregation in certain states so that we can keep the minorities in line so they don't cause too much trouble because it worked in the past. TEA PARTY '12!


Wow Proud you are truly a moronic, racist disgusting human being. Please take your offensive comments elsewhere. Also, if you think OWS protesters are paid by terrorists then you really are dummer than I thought.


Why is "Jean Quan" the one "most responsible for hurting Occupy across America?"  I highly doubt she was the one who decided the Occupiers should raid Oakland City Hall, for example.  It seems the ones most responsible for hurting Occupy are the Oakland Occupiers themselves.

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