Supervisor David Chiu Scores High with SF Chamber of Commerce

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David Chiu's business-friendly advice: Let the Wookiee win
The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce has released its annual scorecard, ranking how it feels members of the Board of Supervisors have been doing when it comes to bolstering our economy. And, like every year, the results are as predictable as San Francisco fog: The moderates outscore the progressives.

So, under normal circumstances, we might not bother writing about these results, which you can see here. However, this year we spotted a trend that might give the city's progressives something more to talk about at Chris Daly's bar. Supervisor David Chiu -- the Judas of the progressive movement  -- has been steadily climbing the ranks, this year coming in second behind only Supervisor Scott Wiener.

In short, Chiu is growing on the Chamber.

We called the Chamber's vice president, Jim Lazarus, to ask him just how much the business group fancies Chiu, formerly a rising star among the progressives.

"I think as president of the board, he has grown into a supervisor who will look at each issue independent of the supposed politically correct outcomes," Lazarus said. "I don't want to say he is business-friendly because that tags him a certain way, but he wants to create jobs and ... he started voting in reaction to a bad economy."

Specifically, it was Chiu, along with Supervisor Jane Kim, who worked out a deal for a Twitter tax break -- an issue that certainly divided progressives from moderates on the board. He was also a key vote on the approval of the controversial Park Merced development, and let's not forget he was the key supe who killed former Supervisor Chris Daly's progressive amendments to the Hunter's Point deal in 2010.

Jim Ross, a moderate political consultant, said it shouldn't be too surprising that Chiu is now a rising star among the chamber. The Chinatown rep was a small business owner himself, which means he understands the pangs of a bad economy, per Ross.

We contacted Chiu to ask him how he felt about being so well-liked among the business community. Unfortunately, we have not heard back yet. Perhaps he's out bolstering business.

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