SPCA Raising Money for Stolen Dog Found with Eye, Ear and Teeth Missing

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This tragedy has the Wicked Witch of the West written all over it.
As if we needed any more reason to doubt the future of humanity, here's yet another horrifying tale. Yvette Acevedo's 12-year-old Yorkie, Toto, was stolen out of her backyard in Hayward early last year. After canvassing the neighborhood, posting "missing" signs, and reporting Toto's disappearance to multiple area dog shelters, Acevedo assumed her dear Toto was a goner.

Well, she was only half right. On November 28, a crate appeared on her front step. Inside was a miserable little creature with missing teeth, a missing ear, one eye missing, and the other eye protruding. Acevedo opened the crate and the poor animal slumped onto the ground, covered in puss and smelling of sewer.

It was Toto - almost dead.

Acevedo went to the Alameda County's Sheriff's Department, but claims she was given a icy reception. The officers wouldn't take fingerprints off the crate or even write an incident report. She says the officer told her since she didn't have an leads, and had originally reported the dog to shelters as "missing" and not "stolen," that there was nothing they could do. (Since this story first hit the news around Christmas, the sheriff's department has communicated to Acevedo that she could come back after getting documentation from the vet documenting Toto's injuries. But Acevedo hasn't returned, according to department spokesman Sgt. J.D. Nelson.)

"I realize this dog isn't their first priority, but that's what they're there for: to protect animals and humans," Acevedo tells SF Weekly. "If it was a stolen car, they would still take a report." She adds that a neighbor saw the person who placed the crate on the step, and described her as a white woman with gray hair and a white hoodie.

Acevedo took a sickly Toto to the vet to start costly surgeries. Now the the San Francisco SPCA is finishing the remaining medical procedures. The vets at the SPCA have removed Toto's remaining teeth and what was left of his left eye, neutered him, and treated him with antibiotics for various infections.

The SPCA is performing the surgeries regardless, but would like to raise money to offset the $5,000 bill. You can donate to Toto's cause at the SPCA's website.

Acevedo says Toto is finally returning to his old care-free self, and even remembers their home. "Once we got home from the vet for the first night, he went back to where his bed used to be and would come around and snuggle with me. He definitely still has his spirit, but you can tell the last couple of weeks have taken a toll on him. "

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I believe that Toto's owners used to live up where I do; I'd walk my own little dog past their yard and see Toto from time to time.  He was always a healthy looking and loved animal.  My heart breaks for whatever this poor little guy has gone through and I will be making a donation towards his care.

pheirser resiehp
pheirser resiehp

I am jumping out of my skin with anger and rage, literally frothing at the mouth. I read about this earlier in the day and tried to put it out of my mind (I do the automatic donate to the WSPCA every month - so while I try to put it out of mind, I do donate to animal causes).

But I this poor little mutt stuck in my head and jolted me awake on near falling asleep. And here I am literally SNARLING at the people who did this. Humans are meant to be wiser than animals we are not meant to act like them, and if we do we NEVER EVER bring animals into it... animals are not our games, they are innocent creatures of the earth... the innocence of animals and what people do to them, it breaks my heart with sympathy for weeks on end. We need stronger laws for animal protections... heck we are so in the stone age I have seen debates on topics like "do animals have feelings?" ARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH


I just wanted to say I fully agree with you and the way you said it....well.....I couldn't have said it any better....take care....I also donate for animals....and by the way I KNOW animals have feelings....you can see it in their cute lil eyes when they are telling you they love you :)


I don't understand why the spca doesn;t use some of the many millions of $$ they collect from all their fundraisers for dogs like this.  don't they they get about 15 million dollars in donations EVERY YEAR ?

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