Ross Mirkarimi's Wife Attends Anti-Ross Mirkarimi Rally

Lopez Upton Luke Thomas Arrow.JPG
Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal
Eliana Lopez, Ross Mirkarimi's wife, stands with domestic violence activists calling for her husband to resign due to allegations he domestically abused her
A hastily assembled press conference pairing members of the media with greater numbers of anti-domestic violence advocates calling for the resignation of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was graced by an odd visitation -- Mirkarimi's wife.

Eliana Lopez stood, literally, on the steps of City Hall with members of the domestic violence community who were calling for her husband to resign over allegations he abused Lopez on New Year's Eve. Where she stood with them figuratively is unknown -- Lopez has publicly stated she "has no complaint" against her husband and, somewhat bafflingly, said accusations of domestic violence were "taken out of context.

Lopez, somewhat less recognizable due to her oversized sunglasses, stood behind the demonstrators for several minutes before walking into City Hall. She confirmed her identity to SF Weekly. Asked "what do you make of all this?" she replied "What do I make?" before politely continuing "I have no comment. Sorry."

Her presence certainly didn't appear to be part of the near-impromptu script. Organizer Beverly Upton, the executive director of the Domestic Violence Consortium, took pains to introduce every last member of the domestic violence community present -- a throng that equaled, or exceeded, the gathered members of the press. Lopez was not introduced.

Lopez Luke Thomas.JPG
Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal
Eliana Lopez declined to discuss why she attended today's rally
Upton and her allies' call for Mirkarimi to resign appeared to be inspired by his downplaying an accusation of domestic violence -- in which a police report has been filed -- as "a private matter, a family matter." This was seen as potentially more troublesomethan the allegation itself -- at this point.

"It is egregious that the term 'family matter' has been applied to a legal matter and an issue of public safety," Upton said. "It is egregious that the neighbor who reported this has been called 'out of line.'"

Upton noted that "the system" will "figure out the piece about charges." District Attorney George Gascón has not yet announced any charges against the sheriff. He may do so as soon as tomorrow -- or next week, or not at all.

Asked if she trusted Gascón to do his due diligence, Upton replied in the affirmative -- but noted "we want to keep the pressure on."

Upton, incidentally, had been tabbed as a member of Mirkarimi's "transition team" -- which she noted "never met."

Perhaps it will never have to.

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David Elliott Lewis
David Elliott Lewis

What a feeding frenzy from Ross's political enemies. Unfortunately, Ross suffers from many. Some were made over the years because of his very progressive politics. Some were made in the police department because of his complaints about them and challenges to them when crime spiked in his district, D5. Some were made in the Sheriff's department who wanted one of their own for Sheriff. Some, who are themselves victims of domestic violence, seize this as an exploitable opportunity to vent. 

Many have their reasons.  Thus, with angry motivation to spare, this issue will be pursued and exploited.

Meanwhile, our fire chief, Joanne Hayes-White, who recently assaulted her husband, striking a heavy glass mug to his head, twice, prompting him to call 911 in fear, but is also a friend of our mayor, gets a pass. No investigation. No charges. No nothing.

Ross and our Mayor are from opposite political camps. Ross's group is progressive. Our mayor's axis of affiliations is not. That is how it is.

Even more disturbing, there is also some evidence that this neighbor had prior links to Newsom, our former mayor who elevated Ed Lee to City Administrator paving the way for him to become appointed mayor. The closer you look, the more smelly this case gets.

The truth is that Ross is a good man. I speak from my own personal experience. I know him from his work in D5 and as a volunteer on his campaign. I have seen him work under stress and in close quarters. I know many more who know him even better than I. He genuinely cares for others and for making our city a better place to live. He has done a lot of good. I continue to support and stand behind Ross.

Innocent until proven guilty - Either you believe in that core legal foundation of our system or you don't.

I feel bad for Ross and his family - that they have to suffer through this. I also feel bad for our city as they will become more divided, angry, partisan and divisive. No good will come from this.


DA Kamala Harris never charged Hayes-White with a crime.  That is a big difference.  Ross has been charged with multiple crimes. Your complaint should be with Attorney General Kamala Harris -who now appears soft on DV issues, not Mayors Lee or Newsom.


ah bro, life isn't fair.

People loath Ross because he is sleazy scum bag.  He advocates the government involve itself in your life, now that it's involved in his his defenders are out spinning away. 

To think that there is some conspiracy here is ridiculous.  The woman that called the police was a supporter etc...


She looks like she's observing from behind the group and not really a part of it. Doesn't seem puzzling to me.


Agreed. I also happened to walk by this, not knowing what it was. I got pretty close and yet still couldn't hear anything. Human curiosity, likely.


I hate it when my wife goes to the anti-Haggie rallies...


Wow. They all look real concerned for her.

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