Ross Mirkarimi: Second Abuse Complaint Lodged Against Sheriff by "Ex-Girlfriend" (Exclusive)

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A second woman who claims to have dated Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi in 2008 says he physically abused her while they were in a relationship, according to police records obtained by SF Weekly.

Christina Flores, a former San Francisco resident, filed a police report yesterday afternoon at the Northern District station. She told police that she met Mirkarimi in June 2007 at the Haight Street Fair and began dating him immediately. She stated Mirkarimi displayed a "raging pitbull aggressiveness" toward her, turning violent on at least one occasion, when he "grabbed both her upper arms, shook her and pinned her against the wall," leaving a bruise on her arm.

Read a copy of the police report on Flores' complaint here.

Read the alleged victim's comments in an interview with SF Weekly here.

Read our examination of what this might mean for Mirkarimi's here. 

The new complaint is sure to be a serious blow to the sheriff, who is fighting to salvage his political career after being arraigned on three misdemeanor counts of domestic violence against his wife last week.

The alleged victim, whose name was redacted from the report but who later chose to make her accusations on the record in an interview with SF Weekly, additionally told police that on numerous occasions at his home on Webster Street Mirkarimi would scream into her face while using his "imposing stature" to back her against a wall.

She said she initially decided not to disclose the alleged abuse because she was "humiliated and embarrassed," but decided to come forward in light of more recent charges that Mirkarimi abused his wife, Eliana Lopez, on New Year's Eve. It is unclear whether the statute of limitations would permit the filing of charges related to the incident, or whether the new victim wants to see Mirkarimi prosecuted.

"I have nothing to gain from reporting this other than to notify the authorities of the history of violence Mirkarimi has towards women," Flores told police investigators, according to the incident report.

Describing the past incident of violence, she told police that Mirkarimi -- who was a city supervisor at the time -- went into a rage about something, grabbed her arms, shook her, and pinned her against the wall. Fearing for her safety, the woman convinced Mirkarimi to let her go. After the incident, the woman said she discovered a bruise on her upper right arm.

The victim said the relationship ended in December 2008 when Mirkarimi confessed to her that he had been in another relationship with a woman from Venezuela at the same time he had been dating her. He allegedly admitted then that he had gotten the Venezuelan woman -- presumably Lopez -- pregnant.

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It's not meant to be funny, this whole situation is nothing but creepy and sad.  Creepiest thing was that email or text Eliana sent that said: "Ross is being nice, he fed us regularly." She wrote "us", which would denote that he also withheld food from his child. Combine that with the other creepy statement Ross supposedly made: "you don't deserve to eat", and ugh - it is very controlling.   Eliana is presumably a grown-up and should be able to somehow attain food on her own, without relying on Ross to feed her, but withholding food from a 2 year old as punishment? Yikes!


This is just not right! Men and women have to be held accounable for their violence and abuse. We cannot allow Race to the Bottom back to the stoneages! Why being angry when you don't have to be? End the violence in our communities! and are literal lifesavers! 


I wonder if he "fed her regularly" ?


this comment would be funny if it wasn't so sad that Ross M., is such a controlling freak.  Who decide when to feed an adult you are in a relationship with? 

And some of his supporters need to put the kool aid down and realize this has nothing to do with politics. Ross has a problem he needs to address now and he needs to step down now.


Sounds like our guy, as they say....

s b
s b

Just wondering how many of Mirkarimi's defenders will still insist this is all just politics, taken out of context? 

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