Ross Mirkarimi Likely to be Charged in Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

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The happy couple
It appears the District Attorney's Office is poised to slap misdemeanor charges on newly minted sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, who allegedly left a bruise on his wife's arm during a New Year's Eve domestic dispute.

Despite the fact that Mirkarimi's wife, Eliana Lopez, has insisted the alleged abuse was "taken out of context," District Attorney George Gascón is "convinced" it really happened, a source told the Chron's Matier & Ross. While there's not enough evidence to charge Mirkarimi with a felony, the video of the bruise on Lopez's arm coupled with the text message exchanges with a neighbor about the incident is good enough to hit him with misdemeanor charges.

Not only would such charges be a public embarrassment for Mirkarimi, who assumed his new role as sheriff on Sunday, but it could also mean he might be forced to turn over his gun, the Chron notes.

What's more, if convicted, Mirkarimi would be required to attend domestic violence counseling classes every week. 

But Mirkarimi's attorney, Robert Waggener, said the new sheriff is prepared for whatever charges might be coming. "We have a complete defense," he said. "I don't think an offense was committed."

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silver lining to this very sad cloud - Ross will get the treament he needs to hopefully retrieve his marriage from an unfortunate end


Any idea who would take over if he had to resign? Would the mayor appoint Cunnie or Miyamoto?


Miyamoto should get the appointment after finding out that domestic violence is a family matter that was taken out of context. Also Miyamoto was the runner=up to ross. One more thing, its interesting that Hennessy didn't appear at the induction ceremonyalong with/without any of the leading law enforcement officals, C'mon man, time to charge this scrot__ with a felony, not a misdemeanor .


Awesome!  Way to man up Gascon and stick it to this $cumbag!

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