Ross Mirkarimi Update: Neighbor Who Reported Domestic Violence Fundraised for New Sheriff

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Yesterday was the first time newly minted Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi talked publicly about allegations that he physically abused his wife, Eliana Lopez, in a New Year's Eve domestic violence dispute. Not surprisingly, Mirkarimi gave a flat-out "no" when asked whether he had ever abused his wife. He even hinted that this whole "misunderstanding" might be nothing more than bad politics at play.

"I'd like to believe there aren't forces at work that are trying to stop me from becoming sheriff and using whatever they may want," Mirkarimi told a throng of reporters after he was sworn in Sunday afternoon.

But a quick Google search shows that it's not exactly his political enemies, but rather his political allies who are "the forces at work" in this ongoing case. Ivory Madison, the neighbor who called police to report the alleged domestic violence, is also the same woman who helped get Mirkarimi elected.

According to ActBlue, a democratic political action committee, Madison hosted a fundraiser for Mirkarimi on Oct. 15, 2011. Here's what the invite said:

Please Join Us In Support of Ross Mirkarimi For Sheriff!

Spend some quality time with Ross, his wife Eliana Lopez, and their son

Hosted by Ivory Madison & Abraham Mertens, Jane Morrison, Thea Selby, and Gladys Holder Soto

Enjoy Coffee and Pastries at the home of Gail Baugh and Jim Warshell,

An Historic Victorian Mansion Located at 700 Hayes Street in San Francisco

On Saturday, October 15th, 2011, from 11:00 am to 1pm

Well, that should make for an awkward block party on Mirkarimi's street.

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Kitty P.
Kitty P.

Madison has a hidden agenda, she wanted something and found she wasn't going to get it.



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Madison, thanks for stepping up to the plate. That took some guts.

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