Ross Mirkarimi Gets New Lawyer to Fight Domestic Violence Charges

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Ross ... in happier times.
Yesterday we told you about how Ross Mirkarimi's lawyer, Bob Waggener, wasn't doing the sheriff any favors by calling him a "tyrant" to the press.

Apparently, Mirkarimi didn't think so either.

Media outlets are reporting this morning that Mirkarimi and Waggener "parted ways" yesterday afternoon. No word on why the two decided it wasn't working out, but we can only imagine how Mirkairmi felt when he read in the story where his own attorney acknowledged that he was a bombastic and temperamental.

Mirkaimi has since hired Berkeley-based defense attorney Lidia Stiglich, who is expected to appear in court with Mirkarimi today.

Mirkarimi, who is facing domestic violence charges, has insisted he did not physically abuse his wife, Eliana Lopez, during a New Year's Eve dispute. However, a judge wasn't as convinced and issued a stay away order, barring Mirkarimi from seeing his wife and 2-year-old son until after the trial, set for Feb. 24. Mirkarimi is attempting to fight that stay away order.

Things grew more problematic for the sheriff earlier this week when we broke the news that Christina Flores, who he dated in 2007, filed a police report over the weekend, claiming Mirkarimi pinned her against a wall and bruised her arm one night in a fit of rage.

We will see how his new attorney defends these claims.

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And responsible media outlets will refrain on repeating comparisons of pitbull behavior with Sheriff Mirkarimi's alleged behavior toward his wife no matter who said it.


@HQ - you're reading a blog.  

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