Roberto Marty: Police Seek Victims of Bus Driver Accused of Molesting Children

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Roberto Marty
Police are looking for more possible victims of  Roberto Marty, a former school bus driver who allegedly molested two girls who rode his bus.

Yesterday Marty was ordered to stand trial on two charges of committing lewd acts with children under the age of 14, including an 11-year-old girl who claims she was sexually molested by him on more than one occasion.

Police began investigating Marty in 2011, after the girl made her claim. During the investigation, officers came across another girl with special needs who also said Marty molested her in 2004, according to police.

Marty was subsequently arrested and charged with molesting two girls. He remains in San Francisco County Jail where he is awaiting trial.

Police are asking anyone whose child might have been a victim to contact SFPD at 558-5500.

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I wish I could say I am surprised but I dated this creep decades ago and thankfully broke up with him. I feel sorry for his children and family. What a total scum bag! He still has that pervy creepy smirky smile.

Marsha 1 Like

You are such a scum bag, you always were. There was always something "off about you, may you rot in hell.


@Marsha I so agree! I dated this creep back when he worked for Avis many years ago. Thank God even as a young woman I felt something was off and broke it off

Kelly 1 Like

You duché bag,i hope you get whats awaiting you in jail.please don't let us waist our tax dollars on such a scum who takes advantage of were a creep when i worked with you,i see you have not changed a bit praying on innocent children.look at your mug shot you still have that stupid grin(you must think this is a joke).three letters describes what i wish for you.starts with a fill in the rest....


@Kelly Amen here too! I pray they did not put him in some special part of prison so he can feel what it's like to be a victim! I am ashamed to say I fell for his BS lines many years ago before this started and dated him for a year. As a Mom to a young girl this made me sick to read about!!

Marianne 1 Like

Amen Kelly, I have a disabled daughter and have always worried about this. Robert, I hope you rote in hell for what you have done, you SOB!!'

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