Superhero Motor Mouth Intervenes in New Year's Eve Shooting

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Motor Mouth, on the night of the shooting
Motor Mouth -- the Bay Area's stout, real-life superhero who fights crime in a costume and with an alias -- ushered in the New Year with a bang. He made the news for spending the first hours of of 2012 helping police quickly locate a shooter who had fired some not-so-celebratory New Year's rounds in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.

The chaotic scene was captured by fellow superhero Phoenix Jones' cameraman, and has made its way into the Seattle media:

Motor, who we first wrote about in a feature last month when detailing the superheroes' involvement in the Occupy Movement, flew up to Seattle to patrol the streets with infamous Real Life Superhero Phoenix Jones. Jones grabbed national headlines last year after getting arrested for sprinting into a crowd of revelers and blasting them with pepper spray. Motor teamed up with Jones and his costumed crew over the New Year's weekend; however, it wasn't until the wee hours of 2012 when the gunfire started. The man who fired the rounds tried to escape down an alleyway.

Donning his 3a bulletproof vest (that's hardcore), Motor followed his first instinct: to chase the shooter down and "tackle him," he told SF Weekly: "He had fired out enough rounds that if he had a revolver, he'd poured out all his rounds. When people asked where the shooter went, I said 'He's at the other end of the block, we need to go now, we need to go now!'"

Yet Phoenix Jones told him to hold back, and dial 911.

Motor likes to think it was the superheroes' presence that caused shooter to give up. "We backed the guy into a corner. When he saw me in pitch black, he dropped to his knees and put up his hands, and I'm waving to the cops and saying, 'He went down the alley!' [The shooter] dropped straight down like a sack of potatoes," Motor told us.

The gunman was arrested, and Motor later agreed with his counterpart that calling the cops was the right move.

While this was the first patrol between Motor and the crew from Seattle, it probably will not be the last: Motor says he officially accepted Jones and his teammates into the Pacific Protectorate of the Real Life Superheroes, which he founded several years ago.

The force unites!

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