Obama Coming to San Francisco, Where Nobody Will Wag Their Fingers in His Face

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What's her problem?
After that insane finger-wagging Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer gave President Obama on the tarmac in Phoenix the other day, it's no wonder the president would prefer to be campaigning in San Francisco, where we don't mind gays or immigrants, and we would never think to make a creepy, bullet-riddled T-shirt with Obama's face on it.

Word in the blogosphere is that President Obama and the First Lady will make yet another appearance in San Francisco next month, where he's holding a campaign fundraiser and dinner for his 2012 presidential bid.

This trip to our fair city is reportedly part of a three-day swing across the West Coast, where Obama plans to also stop in Los Angeles and Seattle.

Ticket prices to see President Obama at a reception prior to the dinner will start at $100.

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Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Ya know, Obama really isn't all that bad...


not as a person, but as our president, he's the worst....home values have dropped, there is no such thing as a 401 anymore, his stimilus money did not put people back to work but laid off more people ,  his "green companies", all 12 have gone backrupt... 

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

I know Peggy, I was using sarcasm. I could continue your list ad nauseum but I won't bother. The big question is are you better off now then you were three years ago? Obama's little occupy minions are pretty much the icing on the cake...

(An underhanded comment; saying "someone is really not that bad" doesn't necessarily mean they are all that good.)

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