Phil Bronstein Resigns from the Chronicle

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But Editor At Large seems like such a cushy job
Former Chron editor Phil Bronstein confirmed today rumors that he is indeed leaving the newspaper after more than three decades with Hearst.

However, Bronstein, 61, isn't leaving the news business.The 61-year-old tells us he will be taking on a larger role at the Center for Investigative Reporting in Berkeley, where he is currently chairman of the board.

"I think after 31 years you ought to do something different," Bronstein told SF Weekly. "I's been an extraordinary run, and I saw the article the [SFGate] did about it -- it just barely captured how tumultuous and interesting the ride has been." 

Bronstein's tenure with Hearst dates back to 1980, when he started as a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner, which was owned by Hearst at the time. He climbed the ranks from investigative reporter to foreign correspondent, and later became the editor in chief at the Chronicle. He was EIC for 17 years before being replaced by Ward Bushee in 2008, when Bronstein took on a seemingly greater role and title of editor at large.

At the same time, Bronstein has been the chairman of the board at the Center for  Investigative Reporting, where he will take on a larger and more full-time role now that he has parted ways with the Chron, he said. That expanded role will include forming relationships with high-tech companies including as Google, YouTube, and Yahoo.

"We will be doing all sorts of new things at CIR, and you will just have to wait and see how that goes," Bronstein told us.

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Fantastic opportunity for Berkeley and  Bronstein, happy to hear that he isn't leaving the news  business all together considering all the challenges.


Question is, will they be able to replace him with another man who looks like he just stepped out of an ad for hard liquor?

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