Occupy Oakland to Take Over Vacant Building This Weekend

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Erin Sherbert
This has Occupy Oakland written all over it
Occupy Oakland is still at it, with plans this weekend to move into a vacant building that protesters can call home.

According to Occupy Oakland:

"Like millions of people in this country, Occupy Oakland has no home. On January 28, Move-in Day, we're going to change that. We're going to occupy a large, vacant building and convert it into a social center. Come join us for the initial occupation. There will be a festival all that weekend to celebrate our new home."

The location has not yet been disclosed, but protesters have given a stern warning to police: If the cops try to stop them, Occupy Oakland will block the airport or the city's port indefinitely.

The takeover will begin with a rally at Oscar Grant Plaza at noon at 14th and Broadway, followed by a march to the take-over destination, and finally an occupation of the building.

But because Occupy never does anything without a little fun, there will be a two-day festival at the seized building location, which will include special events, speakers, music, and workshops.

At the end of each day, the Occupiers will hold a General Assembly to further define the uses of the building.

If you want to be a part of this occupation, go to occupyoaklandmovein.org

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They're threatening the cops with blocking the port/airport? What losers. Taking over buildings illegally will end thusly: they will be arrested and the city is not going to be frightened by threats from these whiny immature brats!


this is amazing, i wish them the best of luck. nevermind the hater morons, its all about time.


:( I wish they were more educated.

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Oh man, this is gonna be the funnest shit ever! I cannot WAIT to watch the police drag those scumbags from the building. 

Someone should tell these occufools about rental contracts and paying rent.

There is this place--it's REALLY inconvenient--its called reality.

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