Newt Gingrich, Here's Why You Would Love San Francisco

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Like this, only mean and in a toupee
Mashed-potato snowman Newt Gingrich is going around the foreclosure swamp of Florida angering up the easily angered by mentioning San Francisco as if the name of our city is a dirty word.

We know what he means by it, of course, when he refers to a "San Francisco fantasy land" he means a place with gay people, immigrants, and folks who believe it might be nice to have trees around later this century -- in short, all the things he's against.

While the local media dogpiles Gingrich for his inane comments about our beloved city, we decided to go positive, just like he pretends his vituperative and stupid campaign is. Newt, here are some reasons you might actually fancy San Francisco after all:

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The snowman looks like him sans facialHair!


Gingrich thinks he's an "ideas man" but pretty much all of his ideas are incredibly stupid.  He'd fit right in at the BoS.

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