Mitt Romney Will Win Republicans Over By Teaming Up With Nancy Pelosi

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Mitt Romney, looking at something more interesting than his book.
​Mitt Romney is all set to be the Republican nominee for president, except for one stubborn hitch: Republican primary voters -- like most people -- don't like him, perhaps because he's actually an actor playing a presidential candidate on a soap opera in 1986.

Instead, lately, lots of Republicans seem to prefer mashed-potato snowman Newt Gringrich, not because they like him, per se, but because he's really good at hating the things that Republican primary voters hate, like immigrants or Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco, both of which Gingrich is invited to go on TV and yell at anytime he wants. (Then he yells at TV for being "liberal" and suppressing the viewpoints of people like Newt Gingrich, which is hilarious.)

Romney has none of these skills. In fact, he's so clueless about tapping into the talk-radio Tea Party anger that animates his party's base that he's trying to win Republicans by teaming up with embodiment of everything they hate: Pelosi herself.

Witness his witless new ad:

This is the argument that Mitt Romney thinks will win over the Republicans who like to see Newt Gingrich yell at Nancy Pelosi: "Hey, if Newt gets the nomination, Nancy Pelosi says she'll smear him. Rather than stand up to her, or give Newt the chance to fight back, we should all run fleeing from her! Right, Republicans? Let's let this San Francisco liberal woman push us around!"

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If you are depressed with the thought of Newt becoming Pres, you might like to watch my video about his three marriages at are chickens in it. Everybody loves chickens! There is a little about Santorum in the end!

John H.
John H.

It's obvious there's a love hate thing going on here.

Opposites attract.

Her kiss and tell threat is getting silly!

bitter clinging
bitter clinging

Whatever, even rino romney is better than Barry Soweto Obama.

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