Employee Allegedly Robs Own Store, Forgets Surveillance Camera Is on

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A woman working at a commercial store on the 2700 block of Mission Street had the brilliant idea of staging a fake robbery inside her own store. But her brilliance was quickly eclipsed by her idiocy when she forgot that this "robbery" would be caught on camera.

According to police, the woman, 19, called police to report that someone had robbed her at knifepoint at her place of work at about 8 a.m. on Monday. When police arrived, the employee gave officers her account of what happened, and they began investigating.

Part of that investigation included reviewing the store's surveillance camera, which apparently gave cops the real story, said Officer Albie Esparza.


Esparza would not say what police found on the surveillance camera, but concluded that what they saw was not a real robbery. He said that it was clear the woman and the "robber" -- who busted into the shop with a facemask on -- were working together to steal thousands of dollars from the store.

"There were discrepancies given to us by the reportee that were different than what we observed in the video surveillance," Esparza told us.

Both "robber" and employee were arrested on suspicion of robbery and booked into San Francisco County Jail.

Not only did the employee lose out of the stolen cash, but she probably won't be getting a paycheck either.

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