Mahendar "Mike" Singh, Accused Sex Trafficker, Pleads Guilty

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Family busiess busted
Mahendar "Mike" Singh, the Oakland man who, along with his wife, was charged with conspiring to traffic teenage girls and force them to provide sex acts with customers in exchange for money and drugs, has pleaded guilty.

According to U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, Singh, 40, yesterday confessed that he and his wife, Helen Jean Singh, 22, both formerly of Sacramento, conspired to operate a prostitution ring between Spring 2011 and August 2011 in multiple Bay Area counties.

Mahendar Singh admitted to recruiting teenage girls for prostitution, knowing that at least one of the girls was a juvenile. He also confessed that he and his wife were able to keep their victims around by providing them with money, clothing, and drugs, and promising them a family-like environment. They used physical force to scare the girls into sticking around, according to prosecutors.

An affidavit filed in connection with this case alleged that the defendants used a website to advertise their victims and made arrangements with customers via text messaging.

Mahendar Singh, who will be sentenced on Mar. 28, could face life in prison.

His wife remains free on bond, pending her trial.

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I never knew the Singhs. 


I think there is nothing more deplorable than forcing someone to act like an animal or to live like an animal to make money for someone else.

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