Here's That Telegraph Hill Rockslide That Nailed a Car

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Update, 4:40 p.m.: The Oldsmobile potentially totaled when tons of rocks tumbled down the side of Telegraph Hill at 8:40 this morning has been pulled free -- and it's seen better days.

SF Weekly systems administrator and scratch photographer Paul Dahlke was on the scene:

Paul Dahlke
Okay now, on three ... "My caaaaaaar!"

Original Story:

SF Weekly's Joe Eskenazi snapped this shot this morning. Reporters are being turned away from the scene (near Lombard and Montgomery), but Eskenazi first snapped this photo and then monkeyed up the hill for an aerial view.

Joe Eskenazi

See those rocks that look like they've been puked into the parking lot? That's them.

Here's how the scene looks to the pitiless heavens:

Joe Eskenazi

And here's one more:

Joe Eskenazi

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