Ross Mirkarimi Update: Eliana Lopez Admits She Talked to Neighbor, But Denies Abuse

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Who is the real victim here?
Eliana Lopez once again publicly denied having been abused by her husband, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, this time telling a Venezuelan radio station that she spoke to her neighbor, Ivory Madison, detailing only a "disagreement" with Mirkarimi "like all couples have."

Moreover, Lopez questioned Madison's motives for calling the cops four days after they had talked about the argument. Mirkarimi, who was sworn in as the sheriff on Jan. 8, was arrested on Friday on three misdemeanor charges, including battery, child endangerment, and attempting to dissuade a witness.

"We want to find out what her motives are," Lopez, a Venezuelan soap opera star, said in Spanish on the Caracas-based Noticias24. "That's why the lawyers and investigators are trying to find out who's behind her ... who talked to her in those four days that made her call the police four days after?"

Lopez argued that Mirkarimi is the real victim here -- the victim of "dirty politics." She said moneyed political forces are against progressives trying to root out racial inequalities in the criminal justice system -- one of her husband's campaign issues. She said his opponents can't stand the fact that Mirkarimi -- the son of an immigrant  who is also married to a Venezuelan --  won the sheriff's seat.

After denying the abuse, Lopez questioned why Madison had ever befriended her. Madison is the author of a feminist comic book and the CEO and founder of Red Room, a social networking site for authors that also allows writers to sell books directly to consumers. Lopez says Madison's child takes the children's musical theater class that Lopez teaches on Saturdays -- for free, because they're neighbors.

"Now we're suspicious because she was always coming to see me, calling me, coming to knock on my door, and always inviting us [to do things]," Lopez said. "One of the investigators is trying to see what's behind this."

Lopez made no mention of Madison videotaping their conversation or the bruise police say Lopez described in the video, which police got from Madison with a search warrant. "I spoke with her and said I had a New Year's argument with my spouse. It wasn't yelling or anything. She used it against us, which makes us wonder what are her motives?"

Lopez also indicated that Madison needs money. "This woman is broke. She has no money. She has no insurance. In the United States, being without money or insurance is a precarious situation -- she has a baby."

Lopez was outraged by police statements which were later used to get a temporary restraining order, prohibiting Mirkirimi from seeing his family. "I read the restraining order and said 'But this is a lie!' Everything it said, it's all a lie! That I was here, that I was all scared and couldn't leave [the house]. I was alone here because my husband took our son to the nursery, and I went out to buy some food at a restaurant and everyone saw me. It's all wrong."

But like her husband, Lopez says she is trusting the system to reveal the truth about what happened that day.  "We hope the system shows there was no domestic violence, but a political witch hunt."

"I'm not the little Indian victim of the gringo," she added, with a vibrant laugh.

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