Chron Columnist Asks if S.F. Should Be Sanctuary City for Abusive Husbands

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As we all know, the Chron pays their "token conservative" Debra J. Saunders to espouse whatever ideals are contrary to those of San Francisco. In her column today, she takes on the issue of whether everyone is being a little too hard on Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, who on Friday was charged with battery, child endangerment, and intimidating a witness.

In her article she argues that we should stop assuming Mirkarimi is guilty of physically abusing his wife, Eliana Lopez, in a New Year's Eve dispute. Saunders' reasoning is basically sound: He's not been convicted of any crime.

But her column also seemed to be laced with ignorance about domestic violence laws. For starters, she says: "I have to ask: Do San Franciscans really want to throw the full weight of the law at a man initially accused of bruising his wife's upper right arm? Is this battery?"

And then for her most puzzling point: "As for the other charges, the district attorney told The Chronicle he filed the child-endangerment charge because the couple's 2 1/2-year-old son was present when Mirkarimi abused his wife. Is that really child endangerment?"

So does she think children should witness domestic violence disputes? On special school field trips, perhaps?

It's worth noting that while she comes down on Mirkarimi's critics for vilifying him, Saunders is jumping to silly conclusions of her own -- namely, that Mirkarimi isn't a danger to his family. She writes: "Wife Eliana Lopez refutes the charges. I wonder if the city would be better focusing on more dangerous offenders."

Of course, Mirkarimi should not be convicted in the press -- or anywhere else -- until he is proven guilty. That doesn't mean he shouldn't be prosecuted if he did in fact hurt his wife in a fight, especially if there are bruises to prove it.

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Why are liberals such hypocrites? SF Weekly and all the other uneducated liberals have supported Murky Rim Me from day 1.

Why do liberals love to beat women up? This is just wrong.


For once in my life, I find myself agreeing with Debra Saunders. I really dislike Markarimi for his self-righteousness and progressive piety, but he finds himself in the middle of a kangaroo court, and I feel for him. All he did was grab his wife's arm. That isn't battering, but we live in a world where any man who is suspected in any way of harming a woman is vilified and  treated by the law like a pariah. This is just PCism run amok. There is some justice here, however, in that Mirkarimi is being hoisted on his own petard. He is one of the ar-left, knee-jerk progressives who are slowly turning San Francisco into Berkeley. He is one of the people who created the political culture that turns a simple episode of family strife into an episode of Law and Order.

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"All he did was grab his wife's arm.  That isn't battering."

Waldo, the Legislature, the DA, most domestic violence advocates, and a whole lot of victims, would heartily disagree with your viewpoints about what is battering.  A sworn affidavit indicates that this was not the first of such incidents, either.  Amazing to me how many people in this City are willing to tolerate a little wife beating.

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