Carlos Guzmangarza, Fake Doctor, Now Facing Sex Charges

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We're assuming he'd like a real lawyer to represent him
Last week, we told readers about the disturbing case of Carlos Guzmangarza, the unqualified "doctor" who duped patients into allowing him to perform medical surgeries on them, including liposuction, despite the fact he had never been to medical school. Turns out, he had more than a few patients.

Police arrested Guzmangarza again this week after another woman came to police, explaining that Guzmangarza had told her he was a doctor and treated her for a skin condition. She only learned that he wasn't really a doctor when she saw his photo on the news, according to police.

The woman said she had met Guzmangarza at a Mission District store back in July where the two struck up a conversation. Somehow they got onto the subject of her skin condition and he told her he was a doctor who could treat her successfully. What a coincidence.

The woman followed up with Guzmangarza, who allegedly gave her three consultations that cost her thousands of dollars. Even more upsetting is the fact that he allegedly touched her inappropriately explaining that it was part of the routine procedure. He also made some sexually charged comments that were "offensive in nature," according to police.

Guzmangarza then prescribed her a skin gel, which, not surprisingly, gave her a skin irritation, police said.

Guzmangarza remains in police custody and has now been slapped with new charges, including false impersonation with the intent to defraud, attempting a medical procedure without a certificate or a license, sexual battery, and grand theft.

In December, the District Attorney's Office charged Guzmangarza with performing medical procedures on at least two women in the Mission District. He allegedly administered anesthesia to one woman while puffing on a cigar. He then asked the patient to hold her own IV bag while he performed liposuction.

Afterward, he flushed the woman's fat down her own toilet, prosecutors say.

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