49ers Tickets: $10,000. 49ers Van: $8,000.

49ers van.jpg
Jose Cruz's kick-ass van
Power may be the ultimate aphrodisiac, but success is a hell of a salesman. So with the 49ers coming off of one of the most thrilling wins in franchise history and poised for an epic showdown with the New York Giants in Sunday's conference championship, now's the time to start hawking Niners tickets -- or any Niners-related paraphernalia -- for top, top dollar.

Those hoping to attend Sunday's contest without tickets in hand are learning a grim lesson on the meaning of the term "leverage." At this time, internet jackals can be disarmingly candid about the markup they'll be adding to your desired goods. Take this glib Craigslist profiteer. He desires $6,000 for four tickets that he overtly advertises as having a face value of $299 per. "Am selling at premium to cover the costs of the season. ... If you're looking for a discount, these seats aren't for you," he writes. "Ideally sell to Niner fans who will get on [Giants QB Eli] Manning," he notes.

Yes, that would be ideal!

The highest price for a Craigslist ticket as of Wednesday appears to be $5,000 apiece. That said, others are taking advantage of the team's success to hawk $8,000-a-pop season ticket rights (just the rights). That's the exact price, incidentally, of Jose Cruz's custom 49ers van.

Reached on his cell, Cruz pitches his ride with the coolness and aplomb of Alex Smith engineering a game-winning drive.

"It has a brand-new paint job, transmission, runs good, fresh rims and all that," he says. "It has a very good soundsystem."

Parting with it will be such sweet sorrow -- but Cruz has moved from the Bay Area up toward Sacramento, and would like a San Franciscan to have his wheels. "I want to come back to the Bay Area and see it driving around."

For $8,000, Cruz could be watching you!

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