49ers Game to Air On All Six Cumulus Stations

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The only thing you won't find on Cumulus.
Even you hipsters out there who are completely ambivalent about all things football, who got your ass kicked by the jocks in high school, who would only wear a 49ers sweatshirt to a theme party, and, like our vice president, are apt to confuse the 49ers with the S.F. Giants  -- even you will not be able to escape the 49er frenzy descending on the city on Sunday. 

Every once in awhile, fey and gay San Francisco turns into a red-blooded sports town, and this weekend is one of those times. The red-and-gold bedecked fans will overtake your neighborhood bar and swamp the BART and Muni lines. They will shout that sing-song "Let's go, Niners!" cheer out car windows. You think you can hole up in your house to avoid the madness? Nope.
The game will be on Fox Sports. and get this: Cumulus San Francisco, in an "unprecedented media event," is airing the game on all six -- six -- Bay Area radio stations on Sunday.

Starting with pregame coverage at 2:30, followed by kick-off at 3:30, radio stations KNBR 680/1050,l 107.7 The Bone, KGO 810, KSFO 560 and KFOG 104.5/97.7 will be all Niners all the time. 

So just give up. Give in. Get in the mood. There's no tuning this out. Consolidated radio will bombard you with this game.

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