Nonprofit Wants to Know if CIA Is Responsible for Evicting Occupy Camps

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We can only imagine how hard it is to collect intelligence from the CIA
That's been the rumor circulated among groups of Occupiers who were rousted from their encampments over the last month --  from New York to San Francisco -- as they protested Wall Street and its big banks.  

The Partnership for Civil Justice, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit legal group, says it is getting stonewalled by the CIA, which has bluntly refused to process its Freedom of Information Act request. The request seeks to learn what role -- if any -- the agency played in rooting out Occupy camps city-by-city.

According to the PCJ:
The CIA is not specifically denying that it has records and documents that would reveal its role in the coordinated crackdown that evicted the encampments in major cities within a short period of time. Rather, the agency asserts that it won't look for such records and documents.
The CIA recently responded to the group's request, noting that because the agency deals with foreign intelligence issues, not domestic, it would essentially be illegal for the CIA to have coordinated efforts to evict Occupiers.

Furthermore, CIA Information and Privacy Coordinator Susan Viscuso wrote in a letter to the group that the agency's "records systems are not configured in a way that would allow us to perform a search reasonably calculated to lead to responsive records. Therefore, we must decline to process your request."

"The CIA is apparently asserting that because its involvement in law enforcement's crackdown of the Occupy movement would be barred by law, it is not possible for the CIA to conduct an effective search for information responsive to our inquiry into its role in the operation," Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, executive director of the PCJ, said in a release. "In other words, because the actions would be illegal, they would also be off the books."

The PCJ is now demanding that the CIA reconsider its request, noting that it is prepared to take legal action to force the agency to comply with its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act.

This denial comes on the heels of a series of Associated Press articles revealing the CIA's involvement with the NYPD.

[Read the FOIA request here ]

[Read the full letter here]

Doesn't the CIA have bigger fish to fry?

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The "occupy" protests get really absurd as more and more people post videos of protesters carrying an injured person with one hand while carrying their fixies with the other one ^^. I don't  wanna support those people, the creative "elite", egomaniacs with masks, throwing cobblestones.Those people are not better than the ones they fight.


 apparently you are only getting you occupy information from main stream media...if you have a chance watch current tv's "the 99 percent"...then maybe you'll understand who is REALLY out there protesting.

Victor Long
Victor Long

Wow that dude is really making a lot of sense man. WOw.www.Total-Privacy dot US

N Neologism
N Neologism

Except the CIA is working hand in hand with the NYPD to do mass, probably illegal, surveillance on Arab communities in NYC. Is the CIA now "partnering" with other US police departments to get around the prohibition against the CIA operating in the states. (BTW, it's widely known the CIA ignores that prohibition--they just don't want to get too baldly caught.)


I can assure you, it's not only the arabs, it's cointelpro all over again. Except this time it's by the CIA.


So Ron Paul Is Right @ at least 1 thing. A Government with no oversight is just as screwed up as  A Banking Industry with  , NO  Oversight. 

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