What Do Occupy Oakland and Mayor Jean Quan Have in Common?

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Let's face it, her stars are not aligned
First, they are both Libras. Why does that matter, you ask? It doesn't, unless you are a firm believer in astrology, or perhaps, like us, you are looking for another excuse to see Mayor Jean Quan in this wizard hat.

As our sister blog, the Exhibitionist notes, local astrologer Djenne Ba has used their signs to unravel the mysteries that surround the Occupy movement and Mayor Quan's mishandling of the situation. Obviously, it can all be found right there in the stars, planets, etc.

Anyway, Ba tells Oakland Local that she's assigned an Oct. 10 birth date to the Occupy Oakland movement, which just so happens to be 11 days before Oakland Mayor Quan's birthday on Oct. 21. Ba explains in rather vague terms that "Both Quan and Occupy charts have four planets in air, three planets in fire, two planets in the earth element and one planet in water."

Make sense?

Ba goes on to say that the Oct. 25 police raid on the Occupy Oakland camp "did not sit well in Quan's soul."

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Neither are her stars
Moreover, she uses the stars and the planets to translate Quan's handling of the Occupy movement: It  will have an "unfavorable" impact on her political career. We'll agree with that assessment, but only because it has already.

In short, you don't really even need to know stars and planets exist to have arrived at such clear conclusions.

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Howard Epstein
Howard Epstein

What they have in common: Quan and the useful idiots and anarchists are brain dead.

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