Trent Arsenault, FDA-Targeted Sperm Donor, Moonlights as Online Porn Star

Trent Arsenault, pictured on one of his websites
We told you a few days ago about Trent Arsenault, the one-man sperm factory whose antics have been targeted as unsound by the Food and Drug Administration. Arsenault, a Silicon Valley tech worker, has set up a website in order to donate his semen to women in need.

The FDA wasn't thrilled with this set-up, and, citing the possibility of transmitting disease outside of a regulated sperm-donation setting, the agency issued Arsenault a cease-and-desist order. Well, it now appears that Arsenault could also soon face some scrutiny from recipients of his seed -- unless, of course, his baby mommies have no compunction about raising the offspring of a serial online pornographer.

Adrian Chen at Gawker reports that Arsenault is "turning his 'donations' into a torrent of amateur porn," posting videos of himself masturbating into cups and "using unusual aids like a water polo ball and frozen packs of organic blueberries." (Here are some NSFW places to view the Arsenault porn œuvre.)

Arsenault tells Gawker that he is a "donorsexual," whose exhibitionist tendencies aid the cause of impregnating childless women. "Having those videos helps my sex drive ... which is critical to being a guy with a 200 sperm count able to help three childless couples in one month get pregnant," he said to Chen in an interview.

Arsenault's clients might have benefited from his donorsexual drive. But will they want to raise donorsexuals themselves?

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I will donate sperm only to wife and my lovers!


Great article from Gawker!  Did you see the photos where this sicko is rubbing his penis all over solar panels in his bedroom?  WTF?


Hmm, now isn’t that finger looking good? Junior’s donor daddy an internet porn star? But really why should prospective parents complain, after all what Trent does in his own spare time is his business and that of 3 million viewers, but then again there is that awkward moment when Junior one day comes to find out his existence was born in a sterile cup that his daddy jacked off into live in front of 3 million users. As honorable as Trents intentions maybe let’s fess up there’s something very sleazy about it. Right?


I have been donating my sperm to pretty sexy womens mouths and vagina's over the last 40+ years. and its really a fun experience!

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