Steve Ruiz, Elusive Hells Angel Wanted in Murder of Steve Tausan, May Be in San Jose

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San Jose investigators say they have "credible evidence" that Steve Ruiz, the Hells Angel who is suspected of killing a fellow member of the biker gang, was spotted in San Jose over the weekend.

San Jose Officer Jose Garcia told reporters that Ruiz was seen sometime Friday or Saturday and that he is known to have connections in Gilroy, Campbell, and Fremont.  "We believe he's in any one of those cities," Garcia said. "If anyone aided him we will arrest those individuals and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law."
Police have been on a widespread manhunt for Ruiz, 38, who is suspected of shooting and killing Steve Tausan during a funeral service for Jeffrey "Jethro" Pettigrew at Oak Hill Cemetery in San Jose on Oct. 15.
SF Weekly readers might recall the insane drama that followed after Tausan was shot: Police had stacked officers at the funeral where 4,000 Hells Angels (a.k.a. old fat guys) gathered, expecting potential trouble. But even with so many cops around, the killer managed to mysterious disappear after the shooting.

At first, police believed Ruiz, the suspect, might have climbed into Jeffrey "Jethro" Pettigre's coffin to dodge the cops. Investigators went as far as to get a judge's permission to exhume Pettigrew's coffin to see if Ruiz's body or any other evidence was quickly buried next to the Hells Angel's president. Creepy. Police found zilch inside the coffin.

Police then suspected that other Hells Angels had managed to smuggle Ruiz from the crime scene, and he has been on the lam ever since.

"We do want this to come to a safe resolution," Garcia said. "We do ask that Steve Ruiz surrender himself."

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aka old fat guys. I have a hundred dollars say your chicken ass won't say that comment to any of their faces. sincerely mark baynes


I agree Mark it's easy to talk shit when your hiding behind a computer!!!!

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